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Network Services

Network Design & Planning

Mobicom offers a host of services to help vendors and operators to design and plan their fixed radio networks.
With immense experience in TSSR, Site Acquisition, Planning, Design and Acceptance tests, we have successfully delivered projects that have led our customers to write many success stories.
  • Service & Frequency Based Radio Network Design
  • Traffic Modeling for Network Capacity Planning
  • Nominal Site Planning
  • Candidate Selection for Site Acquisition Request
  • In-Building Radio Network Design and Technical Survey
  • Technical Site Survey for New Planned Sites
  • Transmission Network Line-Of-Sight Survey
  • Technical Site Audit report
  • Radio Access Network Initial Tuning & Fine Tuning

Performance & Optimization

Radio Network Parameter Data Collection
Our field teams equipped with latest and robust data collection tools collect in-depth radio network performance data by way of drive testing. This detailed data at cluster level and site level gathered for various test scenarios targeted for site optimization or acceptance tests such as:
  • Carrier Aggregation, VoLTE, CSFB, Customer Complaints etc.
  • With over 150 fully equipped Drive Test Data Collection teams, Mobicom is always ready to cater to the operator or vendor requirements for field measurements.
Network Data Post Processing, Analysis, Recommendations and Optimization
The huge amount of data exported from drive test measurement activities, OSS performance probes etc is intelligently processed and analyzed using multiple tools to provide effective reports and actionable inputs to be optimize and improve the network. 
Mobicom also provides skilled post processing, analysis and optimization services fulfilling the requirements as per scope.

Network Audit & Benchmarking

Today’s mobile telecommunication world is extremely competitive and the advantage lies with the one who is able to identify current and potential network issues and preempt them.
Mobicom provides detailed network audit and benchmarking ensuring accuracy and integrity of all records. A thorough network audit is necessary to ensure network quality and effective planning of any network changes.
Using the best available benchmarking software and hardware tools simulating customer experience and employing the expertly trained resources Mobicom can perform exhaustive measurements of the network parameters as well as comparative benchmarking of operator performance.
Our proprietary scoring and ranking methodology gives a balanced score for all competitors that is truly reflective of the operators overall network standing in the region.

Optical & Packet Transport Networks Solutions and Services

MobiCom is capable to deliver turnkey based projects with a complete network management including:
Front Office 
  • 24X7X365 surveillance of the network and network performance monitoring
  • Optimize the performance and improve the productivity of the network
  • NEs / NMS software, operations, maintenance, upgrades and configurations
  • Intra and inter node optical powers (In/Out)
  • Verifying client cards optical power level and span loss and services configuration (Tunnels, Pseudo wire, SVLAN, VLAN, etc.) Design and Topology
  • Service provisioning, configuration, coordination, testing and hand-over.
  • Periodically evaluate the network subscriber growth patterns and assess these trends.
  • Recommend a strategy to maximize the use of the available capacity and plan incremental network capacity for future growth.
  • Coordination of the configuration changes in the network and recording the detail information up to date. Back Office
  • Analyze/Diagnose the problem reported by front office.
  • Checking Alarms/Conditions/Audit logs from NMS (node by node).
  • Enhancing network topology using existing assets.
  • Synchronization plan & configuration.
  • Software recommendation reports which provide a detailed list of unresolved caveats in current software releases.
  • Verifying failover to back-up standby NMS and providing easy mechanism for failover between duplicated servers.
  • Running performance monitoring software to alert early possibility of system crashes.

First Level Maintenance
Delivering the first level maintenance of optical transmission network elements (for whole Kingdom wise in Saudi Arabia)

  • Establishing the remote maintenance center
  • Warehouse arrangement and spare part stock records

Roll Out Experience
Installation and commissioning of the optical transmission and packet transport elements. 

Information Technology

Multi purpose Workflow Management System

Anywork, is a workflow management system based on power, high performance and flexibility; granting you the ability to manage everything concerning your business processes via a single platform.

Thanks to Anywork, granting you workforce, time and cost saving for your needs in corporate management; you may integrate your simply created business processes into your system to convert all your data into innovative digital pages, gaining you speed and efficiency.
Smart and Quality Solutions to Process Management
  • Workflow Designer
  • Page Designer
  • Secure Data Flow
  • Reporting
  • Ready Processes with ERP
  • Internal - External Integration
  • Accessibility
  • Multilanguage Support
  • Document Management
  • Gamification
  • Scheduled Processes
Consulting Services
HR Sourcing       
HR sourcing offers the benefits of high skilled manpower at the flexibility of outsourced manpower management. The customer can control quality and performance output, while the HR management responsibilities are taken care of by Mobicom.

Mobicom is capable of providing Highly skilled technical resources with the help of a strong database of CVs for various Telecom and IT profiles. Further, we provide services starting from job evaluation and description, candidate shortlisting and Initial screening, negotiation, resource deployment and payroll services.

Our services can be contracted either on resource leasing basis or service basis or head hunting basis.
We can provide resources for both on-site and remote requirements suiting the budgets of the customers.
We also offer bundled services to recruit, contract and manage your required staff giving you freedom to focus only on their delivery.
These services are complemented by our usage of smart tools for Resource tracking, payroll management, smooth invoicing and relationship management.
Training Services
In-house Training
The company provides its eligible employees with In-House Training. In-House Training aims at providing the employees with experience, administrative or technical skills to improve and enhance their competencies and capabilities in the direction of their job responsibilities. This will be done through courses, seminars, workshops etc.
  • Orientation Programs
  • On-the job trainings
  • Internal Courses
Along with excellent pedagogical skills, Mobicom trainers have several years of experience within many worldwide operators and vendors. The courses have been designed for practical applications in the day-to-day operation of a network.
  • Network Design concepts
  • Radio propagation modeling and calibrations
Following courses are available in our training center.
Fundamentals of Radio Network Planning
  • Link budget
  • Site layout
  • Site engineering
  • Traffic theory
  • Traffic forecasting
  • Interference and Frequency re-use
  • Frequency hopping
Practical and Advanced Aspects of RNP
  • Antenna azimuth & Tilt
  • Traffic planning
  • Neighbor list & Frequency planning
  • Radio Network Planning Tools
  • Radio Network Optimization Tools
2G/3G/4G Radio Network Planning
  • Technology descriptions
  • Network planning aspects
Mobile Systems
  • Main mobile technologies
  • Introductions to CDMA, WCDMA, GSM, UMTS, LTE and LTE Advanced